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Valorizzazione del patrimonio immobiliare pubblico

Valorizzazione del patrimonio immobiliare pubblico e vendite in Italia

Patrimoniopubblicoitalia.it is a web site which creates a dynamic contact between Public entithies and real estate market. It is a virtual catalog hosting public real estate valued assets and available for sale, for exchange of properties or for soliciting feasibility studies, owned by Public Administrations and assets that have been sold to third parties.
You can find the palaces, villas, hotel and tourism, as well as apartments, shops and commercial spaces spread along Italy, including islands Sicily and Sardinia.
Farthers is possible view and study contents of the dossier worked for each asset and showing all its components, including documents, in order to formulate a proposal in line with the interested area of the web site.

  • Vetrina

    Trapani and Latina: Bank of Italy is selling

    The Bank of Italy offers for sale two properties placed in Trapani and Latina through the auction-free procedure.

    The deadline for the presentation of expressions of interest is 16 October 2019.

    Below are the descriptions of the properties.

     Trapani, Piazza Scarlatti 7

    The building is in the immediate vicinity of the city center, between Piazza Scarlatti, the Ammiraglio Staiti promenade and the Via Ruggero di Lauria, in the past it hosted the Bank of Italy.

    The building was built between 1950 and 1953 on an area owned by the Municipality where the municipal theater "Garibaldi" stood. After the construction took place in the period 1950-1953, the building has not undergone any particularly significant restructuring works.

    The property is spread over four elevations, one of which is a basement, for a total commercial area of ??2943.67 square meters whose destination is classified as offices and for 522.19 square meters, instead classified as residences.

    The real estate unit destined for offices develops between the basement and the third floor, while the residential areas are located between the first floor and the third floor.

    The building is subject to the constraint of historical and artistic interest, therefore the sale is subject to the release of the authorization by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.

    The building is in good condition and is sold free.

    Energy class offices and similar: G - 14 kWh / m3 year.

    Housing energy class: G - 14 kWh / m3 year.



    Latina, Piazza della Libertà nn. 10-11

    Located in the Historic Center of the City a few blocks from the Town Hall, on the eastern side of Piazza della Libertà, in an opposite site to the building that houses the Prefecture.

    The building consists of a single building, of 4 floors above ground, in addition to the basement, and a higher central body combined with two lower lateral bodies.

    The appurtenant area of the building consists of an extended internal courtyard that runs along the entire back side of the building.

    The complex has a commercial area of approximately 3030 square meters.

    The single units inside the building have the following use destinations: credit institution, residential, non-profit sports venues (after work), ENEL cabin and storage rooms.

    The building is subject to a constraint of historical and artistic interest, therefore its sale is subject to the release of the authorization by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.

    The property is sold free except for an electric transformer station leased until 2024.

    Energy class: F 27.44 KwH / M3 year.




    For more information and contacts www.bancaditalia.it/chi-siamo/beni-immobili

  • Vetrina

    Bank of Italy is selling in Siena

    Siena, via della Stufasecca, 34

    Located within the perimeter of the Historic Center between Via della Stufa Secca and Via Pian d'Ovile, it was home to the Bank of Italy.

    It consists of three buildings, it is an architectural unicum in which the new parts are closely linked to the pre-existing totally restored parts.

    The first body has five floors towards the valley and two upstream and towards Via della Stufa Secca and is completed by a one-storey volume with a U-shaped plan containing a covered corridor that delimits an internal courtyard arranged in green.
    The second body is connected to the previous one and its front towards the square is strongly characterized by the presence, in the north corner, of a triangular spur.

    The third building, the Palazzina Nava, consists of a nineteenth-century building subject to a constraint of historical and artistic interest. It has been completely renovated and incorporated into the new building complex and is spread over three floors plus the almost rectangular roof.

    The complex has a commercial area of ??4,408 square meters.

    The building is completed by an ancillary building, already used as a after-work space, on the Via Garibaldi side of a commercial surface of approximately 120 square meters and a building used as a two-storey building, having a commercial area of ??about 200 square meters.

    The complex is partially subject to the constraint of historical and artistic interest, therefore the sale is subject to the release of the authorization of the Ministry of goods and cultural activities and tourism.

    The different units located inside the building complex have the following destinations of use: credit institution, residential, barracks, factory, storage rooms, garages.

    The property is sold free.

    Energy class: E 12.9 kWh / m3a

    The deadline for the presentation of expressions of interest is 16 October 2019.


    For information and contacts http://www.bancaditalia.it/chi-siamo/beni-immobili

  • Vetrina

    Extraordinary plan for the school


    A contribution of 65.9 million euros was allocated by the Ministry of Education, University and Research for the extraordinary plan to prevent the collapse of floors and ceilings in schools.

    The public notice is available on the Miur website to obtain the financing for the verification and diagnostic investigations related to structural and non-structural elements, in order to prevent possible collapses.

    The loan is destined to Local Authorities, owners of public buildings for school use, registered in the National School Building Registry.

    In fact, one of the biggest reasons of insecurity of school buildings is caused by the collapse of the plaster from the ceilings: between September 2018 and July 2019 a collapse was recorded every 3 days.

    The Extraordinary Plan will make it possible to know the state of the buildings in a timely manner in order to make the resources necessary for the interventions available.

    A total of 40 million euros is available for the structural checks to be carried out in schools.

    Furthermore, an additional quota of 25.9 million euros is planned to be assigned subsequently for urgent safety measures that may be necessary for the outcome of the investigations on the floors and false ceilings.

    In particular, 30 per cent of the resources to be allocated through the procedure is reserved for Provinces and Metropolitan Cities, while the remaining percentage is in favor of the Municipalities and / or unions of Municipalities.

    Local Authorities can submit their application by 3 pm on 29 November 2019. Applications will be selected on the basis of the following criteria: age of the buildings with particular reference to the buildings built before 1970, seismic area, school population involved, construction type of attics, lack of financing in the last five years for structural interventions or for diagnostic investigations, possible co-financing quota.